Equipment and machinery can be damaged or even fail when subjected to power anomalies. One or two seconds of outage or a surge can bring your business down for hours or days. An Uninterruptible Power Supply commonly referred to as UPS is an electronic device that provides short term emergency power supply when the regular input power fails. Uninterruptible power supplies offer power protection solutions for just enough time for an alternative standby power source to begin or for information to be saved, protected and shut down safely. Common power problems causing power disruption are due to utility failure and abnormal line voltage, whether continuous overvoltage or voltage spike or input voltage reduction.

UPS are most commonly used to protect PC’s, servers, data centres and any equipment where power disruption could cause injury, data loss and business damage. Most UPS devices provide an instant backup power supply as well as surge protection with units ranging in size, smallest for desktop computers and large ones for entire rooms or buildings. While only working as a short term solution, the UPS is advantageous over emergency power system and standby generators in that it offers true power continuity by providing instantaneous protection thus saving data that would otherwise get lost using the latter solutions.

We introduce ourselves as “ZSOLT” and we provide an efficient, reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions guarantee your peace of mind. We do the Design, Supply, Installation and commissioning of Uninterrupted Power solution (UPS). We are known for Quality Work and provide UPS for a wide spectrum of industries like Hotels, Hospitals, Pharma, Industries, Telecom sector, Other Process Industries and Retails etc., The Company’s strength lies principally in Providing Engineering solutions thru application engineering expertise , professional management and execution of High Value projects, starting from Application study , load profiles , Engineering , Design ,Selection towards optimum & Reliable design, installation and servicing of UPS to Indian industry .

We at ZSOLT have dedicated team of professional who do the correct sizing and selection of UPS based on following factors:

  • The maximum possible load
  • The maximum likely load
  • Power factor
  • The level of redundancy required
  • Battery backup time –

We provide detailed installation guidelines to ensure correct functioning, reliability and low maintenance costs.

Features of UPS supplied by ZSOLT:

  • Highest efficiency.
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low noise
  • Low heat output
  • Higher DC bus utilization
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
  • Wide range voltage inputs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available as Rack mounted and floor mounted
  •  Automatic battery check
  • Cost saving UPS system


Range of UPS:     1 KVA to 500KVA

Brands of UPS:   We work with world’s best companies in UPS industry. We supply and support for various brands: VERTIV (EMERSON); EATON; APC; CONSUL NEOWATT; DELTA



We at ZSOLT believe in the best of the Energy Storage products. Our team is having more than 15 years of Expertise in Industrial batteries. Our range includes all types of Industrial Batteries – 12V SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) VRLA; 2V VRLA Batteries; Li-ION Batteries; Tubular Batteries and Traction Batteries. These products are sourced from the most reputed and trusted vendors of the industry. The offered range is designed and manufactured using modern machinery, latest technology and supreme quality raw material at our vendors’ manufacturing unit. Our offered products are quality assured and are in conformity with the defined industry standards. These products are widely acclaimed among clients for their high efficiency, sturdy construction, optimum functionality, reliable performance, compact design, user-friendliness and easy installation. The offered range is available in JIS (Japanese International Standard) and as per the requirements of our esteemed customers. We deal in various battery technologies: – SMF-VRLA; Tubular Batteries; LI-ION



The VRLA battery is the most popular reserve power design because the electrolyte is captive, preventing it from spilling even when the case is punctured. VRLA batteries are considered “maintenance free” and require no addition of electrolyte or water. Styles of sealed VRLA batteries include front –access telecom cells as well as high –rate UPS replacement batteries. General purpose SMF’s are also produced for emergency lighting and other applications.

VRLA batteries are commonly further classified as:

  • Absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery-has the electrolyte absorbed in a fibre-glass mat separator.
  • Gel battery- “gel Cell” – has the electrolyte mixed with silica dust to form an immobilized gel.


The name “valve regulated” does not wholly describe the technology. These are really “recombinant” batteries, which means that the oxygen evolved at the positive plates will largely recombines with the hydrogen ready to evolve on the negative plates, creating water and preventing water loss.

While these batteries are often called sealed Lead –Acid batteries, they always include a safety pressure relief valve. As opposed to vented (also called flooded) batteries, a VRLA cannot spill its electrolyte if it is inverted. The valve is a safety feature in case the rate of hydrogen evolution becomes dangerously high. In flooded cells, the gases escape before they can recombine, so water must be periodically added.

Voltages of Batteries:      2V & 12V

Ah Rating of Batteries:    12V:7.2Ah to 200 Ah

2V:- 100Ah to 6100Ah

Brands of Batteries:   We work with world’s best companies in Battery industry. We supply and support for various brands: AMARARAJA (AMARON); EXIDE; ROCKET; HBL; NED




Tubular battery is a type of lead acid battery in which the positive electrode is not a grid, but a comb like lead skeleton that holds the positive material with the help of tubular bags. The structure looks like a series of tubes kept side by side along the length of the electrode, hence the name “tubular”.

Tubular batteries are used in applications like home power backup, electric propulsion of vehicles, solar equipment etc.Tubular batteries are “deep discharge” kind of batteries i.e. you will get a small amount of current (5–10Amps) for a very long period of time (12–24 hours). Tubular batteries cannot produce burst of current because of the electrodes are thicker than the ones in a flat plate model. That’s why they cannot be used in applications where a huge amount is current is needed for a very short length of time (like starting your car in the morning).

Tubular batteries are known to last twice as long as a normal flat plate battery because the positive active material does not shed off due to protection offered by the tubes. Positive material shedding off is the primary reason for failure of lead batteries. Tubular batteries are rugged design and can be used for high end applications like Inverters, Fork-Lifts, and Solar etc. One of the many advantages of tubular batteries is that it has long life cycle. Typical life ranges from 4 to 8 years.

Tubular batteries are designed to conveniently operate in areas with rough weather and environmental conditions. Besides, these batteries are useful for applications in areas where ambient temperatures range is common.

A tubular battery is prone to very less loss of water and this characteristic makes these batteries more efficient than other batteries. There are rare cases when one needs to feed water to these batteries. These batteries have been proved to offer good electrical performance in different types of settings. A significant advantage of a tubular battery is its ability to charge at faster rate. Tubular batteries are available in different design variations to make them work for different applications.


Ah Rating of Batteries:    20Ah to 200Ah (available in C10 and C20)

Brands of Batteries:   We work with world’s best companies in Battery industry. We supply and support for various brands: AMARARAJA (AMARON); EXIDE; ROCKET; HBL; SOUTHERN (Hi-POWER); LUMINOUS; SU-KAM