In areas where extreme brightness is desired, these emit strong beams of light. This light gets distributed evenly, leaving no dark areas. They also consume significantly lower power for the same high brightness and output, especially cost-effective.


Monuments Lighting | Façade Lighting | Showrooms | Malls | Outdoor Lighting


Power ranges from 10W – 100W
Input voltage ranges from AC85V to 300V, 50Hz
Lumens range from 800lm to 9000lm
Beam angle: 120 degrees
LED: Discreet


Technical Specifications of ZSOLT LED FLOOD Lights
Wattage 10W,20W,30W,50W,70W,80W,100W
Input Voltage AC85V ~ 270V
Frequency Range 50 Hz ~ 60Hz
Power Factor >0.9
Power Efficiency >87%
LED Viewing Angle 120º
Led Luminous Efficiency 100 ~ 120 LM/W
Lamp Efficiency >80%
Co-Related Color Temperature (CCT) Warm White (W/W) 2700K~3900K
Neutral White (N/W) 3900K~4500K
Cool White (C/W) 5000K~6500K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) >70
Life >50,000 hrs
Housing Pressure die cast Aluminium alloy for housing gear / extruded aluminium lamp housing (heat sink) for better heat transmission.
Protection Surge Protection 2 – 10 KV, Low Voltage / Over Voltage Protection
Features Eco Friendly, Low Power Consumption, No UV & IR Radiation, Long Life, Less Heat, No Bugs, Instant On & Off