Energy Consultancy

What is an Energy Audit ?


Energy is a basic requirement for economic development in almost all major sectors of Indian economy – agriculture, industry, transport, commercial, and residential (domestic). Consequently, consumption of energy in different forms of energy has been steadily rising all over the country.

Lighting consumption constitutes approximately 30% of Electricity consumption as per a study by Ministry of Environment and Forest in India. Latest technical advancements in lighting provide with a lot of options for energy savings today. The energy saving lighting options are a now very affordable compared to the old incandescent options and old tube lights and the payback time for them considering the savings it provides is quite short depending on the usage (mostly less than a year for average usage). Also the life of the new energy saving lighting options is far better than those of the old lights, which makes them much more attractive.

A lighting audit is the simplest and most effective way to evaluate the current lighting system and identify methods of reducing long-term operating costs.

In addition to outlining what your current lighting solution is costing you, the energy audit also lays out the costs and benefits of different solutions and the next steps that you can take with your building’s lights. For example, should you change your CFL’s to LEDs? Your Halogen to LED Flood Lights? An energy audit helps you feel comfortable with your decisions as they will be backed up by data.

Who should get an energy audit?

Anyone that owns property and is interested in saving on costs associated with that property should consider an energy audit. This includes Malls, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Industries, Restaurants, any Retail property and Outdoor Space Property owners. Also, if you are interested in offsetting your energy footprint, an energy audit and the suggestions that result from it is a good way to get started on the path.

Due to Solar Boom!!! majority of the consumers look for the Renewable energy through Solar without lowering their Electricity consumptions. Resulting in purchasing of higher Kilo Watt Solar Power Plant (this reduces the ROI of Solar PV Plant).

We help you reduce your energy bills to increase your bottom line!

ZSOLT is a specialized company working in the area of Energy Conservation with vision of becoming leader in providing services & solutions in energy saving technologies in order to secure energy for future generations in India & globally. We are passionate about saving our customer money by providing comprehensive but reasonably-priced energy audits and providing various solutions for energy savings also. We not only give suggestions for energy saving but also support customers for energy management & post audit implementation of energy saving proposals with state of the art solutions available in the market at the optimal cost. In nutshell, we provide smart energy audits & total solutions.

Our Energy auditors will evaluate the current lighting systems at various levels of detail for Residential apartments, Housing society, Residential individual home, Industries Etc. The high level audits helps in knowing how the new lighting would make the difference in terms of energy use, savings and carbon emissions. At the other end, we can conduct highly detailed audits and surveys to determine detailed exact requirements.

  1. Our energy audits provide the concrete data, facts, figures and argumentation necessary to decide on the very best option for your premises.
  2. We provide Optimum solution with the combination of LED LIGHTING and SOLAR PV PLANT
    ROI calculation and Payback period for the suggested changes.
  3. Application oriented/customized product designs for turnkey projects.
    Benefits: Our experience says that with the use of the most modern lighting concepts we can save up to 70% of the lighting expenses.