A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator (often an alternator) to generate electrical energy. The packaged combination of a diesel engine, an alternator and various ancillary devices (such as base, canopy, sound attenuation, control systems, circuit breakers, jacket water heaters and starting system) is referred to as a “generating set” or a “Genset” for short.

Diesel generating sets are used in places without connection to the power grid or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails. Small portable diesel generators range from about 1 kVA to 10 kVA may be used as power supplies on construction sites, or as auxiliary power for vehicles.
Generating sets are selected based on the electrical load they are intended to supply, the electrical loads total characteristics kWe, kVA, VAR and harmonic content including starting currents (normally from motors) and non-linear loads. The expected duty, for example, emergency, prime or continuous power as well as environmental conditions such as altitude, temperature and emissions regulations must be taken into account as well.
As Power Generation is big industry all over world and shortage of power is highly demanding into markets. Green & clean Environment [Eco friendly] is Demanded with products including power systems and related accessories, components and services including the pre-integrated Power Command system, plus diesel and natural gas generator sets, transfer switches, and switchgear used in commercial facilities for emergency backup and prime power.

Diesel powered generator sets remain the number–one choice for standby and emergency power systems, worldwide. Able to start and assume load in less than 10 seconds, and rated load in a single step, diesel generator sets are the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable mechanical and electrical performance. Diesel generators are also well suited to utility peaking plants, Distributed Generation (DG) facilities, peak shaving (or peak lopping), and power management at large commercial or industrial sites.



DIESEL GENERATORS ENSURES A CONSTANT FLOW OF POWER AND PEACE OF MIND. Continuous power is essential to factories, data centres and hospitals—wherever revenue or lives are at risk. ZSOLT offers reliable emergency power solutions. We are providing complete electrical solution in design, supply, installation and commissioning of Diesel Generators. We are known for quality work and provide complete electrical solutions for a wide spectrum of industries like hotels, hospitals, pharma Industries, telecom sector, other process industries and retails etc., The company’s strength lies principally in providing engineering solutions thru application engineering expertise , professional management and execution of high value projects, starting from application study , load profiles, engineering , design, selection towards optimum & reliable design, installation and servicing of higher KVA DG sets to Indian industry .

We at ZSOLT have dedicated team of professional who do the correct sizing and selection of set for any given load combination based on site conditions and the type of appliances, equipment, and devices that will be powered by the generator set. We provide detailed installation guidelines to ensure correct functioning, reliability and low maintenance costs. Guidelines cover such things as:

  • Sizing and selection
  • Electrical factors
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Fuel storage
  • Noise
  • Exhaust
  • Starting systems


Advantages of buying a DG set from us

No loss of revenue when the power goes off: Say no to the power outage when Zsolt Generators is with you with its high performance industrial generators. Say no to the fear of losing revenue just because of power outage.

Unmatched Warranty: Only unmatched warranty can give customers the peace of mind. At  ZSOLT, we have provided best warranty for your diesel generators.

Free site visit: Yes, it’s true; we don’t charge anything for the load calculation of your business centre. What you have to do is that just call us on the mentioned number & we will be right there on time.

24X7 Service Support: Our dedicated team of service engineers are trained in such a way that they provide round the clock service support for your business with the minimum response time.


Key features of DG brands we offer:

  • Reliable, Robust & Rugged engines designed to deliver continuously in arduous environment
  • Better Block Loading Capability
  • Compact engine – Engineered for Optimized Power Solutions
  • Low Ownership Cost
  • Low Oil & Fuel consumption
  • Continuous duty Power rating
  • Minimal vibrations and lower noise levels
  • Easy Serviceability & Reparability
  • Standardized Design for complete range
  • Wide after-sales & parts support


Brands we offer:

We mainly deal into Cummins; Kirloskar; Mahindra Powerol; Ashok Leyland and EICHER.

The DG Ranges from 5KVA to 2500KVA