A prominent energy consultant, manufacturer and marketer of LED lighting solutions, SOLAR PV POWER PLANT (Renewable Energy) and Un-Interrupted Power backup Systems.


We save Energy by providing highly customised solution in SOLAR POWER and LED lighting.


We reduce and control electricity bills, by complete detailed analysis of power consumption.


We power up your device Uninterrupted through UPS, Batteries and Diesel Generators.


We believe in Innovation and creating unique product features for our customers in LED Lighting and Solar Energy.


We customize your Energy needs with best possible use of Solar Power, LED lighting, Uninterrupted Power via UPS, Batteries & DG.


To ensure highest reliability we always quote and advise the Tier 1 components, carrying the best in class warranty and product features.


Team at ZSOLT have decade of experience in SOLAR, LED lighting, Lighting AUDIT & Uninterrupted Power (UPS, Batteries & DG).


Our core values and beliefs are to do business in the most Ethical way. We at ZSOLT always value Honesty, loyalty, Integrity & Truth.


Our highly reliable product doesn’t needs any service support; even then our team always ensures the world class after sales support.

Get in touch with us today by sharing your contact information to find out how we can bring down your dependence on fossil fuels by using the best of LED lighting, Solar energy & Uninterrupted Power Supply.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision to be Leading Energy Company providing the most innovative solutions in the world. Our Mission is to deliver competitive and sustainable renewable energy in India and globally, to protect our environment and to improve quality of life through innovative integration of reliable technology. Our core values (Innovation, Excellence, Ethics, Accountability and Commitment) are ingrained in all we do at ZSOLT. By adhering to these values, we create an atmosphere that ignites innovation and guarantees quality.

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